Back in 2008 I did a presentation at the TOCICO conference called “Achieving Success with a Mafia Offer.” In this presentation I covered how we increased leads for one of our clients (a custom machine shop) using the internet, among other things.

Sometimes having a great offer, a Mafia Offer, is NOT enough to increase sales. Often you have to let the world know about your offer. In this video I explained how we did that. What I did NOT reveal was one of the TOOLs we used to do that.


Click the video to watch it. It was delivered to standing room only!
It is very high content and only 35 minutes.

We were able to drive leads to their website using videos. We could get a number of positions on the first page of Google for their appropriate keywords. And they had a big jump in sales as a result.

The reason I did not reveal the tool was twofold:
1) It wasn’t available even if you wanted it.
2) I wanted a head start with it. (We now have over 95% of our business coming from the internet, so we’re all set there.)

So I’m now ready to reveal my little secret and it is now available for you to try and then purchase if you like.

They open up these trials and allow purchasing for only short periods of time. That’s so they can control the number of subscribers and keep their service levels high.

If you’re interested in using videos and video distribution to drive your Google positions, then give Traffic Geyser a try. You can do a 30 day trial for $1 by clicking this link.

Seriously, this gives you the tools to blast your content out in the form of video, podcasts, audio, articles and more, and have the world at your fingertips. I’ve used the system 2008, and it’s been my little secret until now. Definitely the best dollar you could possibly spend today.

Whether you need or want this tool or not — watch the video above. It was very well received and I covered what it takes to be successful with a Mafia Offer.

If you have questions or comments, please leave them on this post.  I’m happy to answer questions about how to get started with Traffic Geyser.   

Wishing you success,
Dr Lisa
President, Science of Business

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