The Goal: A Process of On-Going Improvement MOVIE

One of the best selling business books in the world was made into a movie. The DVD typically sells for $895. However, it occasionally goes on sale for $447.50. The video is a great way to introduce the concepts in The Goal to your entire staff in just 55 minutes.

This video takes The Goal book and shows you how to put the theories to work in your company.
Based on the best-selling book by Eli Goldratt, The Goal tells the story of Alex Rogo, a plant manager facing the threat of his plant’s closure. The video follows Alex and his team as they use the Theory of Constraints to transform their mediocre division.  Read The Goal Summary <– here.

The first obstacle standing in the way of implementing a major change is reaching a wall-to-wall agreement on the direction of change. A powerful tool that can be used to create such agreement is “The Goal: The How-To Version” video. The use of this video is not limited just to the beginning of the implementation process. Reaching agreement on the change in direction is not a one-time effort. As the company moves in a new direction there will be some unavoidable diffusion. To prevent too much diffusion there is the need to repeatedly realign interpretations and periodically use the movie.

If you’re interested in purchasing send me an email. The video also comes in Spanish and in PAL format which may be of interest if you’re outside the US.  I may also have used VHS copies for sale.

If you’re looking for Goal!, the soccer movie, click here.

Here’s to maximizing YOUR profits!
Dr Lisa Lang

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