The Goal, orginally published in 1984 is the best selling business book in the world. You can still walk into most books stores and find a copy on the shelf. Right now, it is selling really well in Japan.

The BusinessWeek Best-Seller List — Paperback Business Books

1 GOOD TO GREAT AND THE SOCIAL SECTORS Jim Collins (Collins — $11.95) A primer on how noncorporate organizations can excel. Last month: 2, Months on list: 15
2 START LATE, FINISH Rich David Bach (Broadway — $14.95) Strategies and tactics for baby boomers nearing the age of retirement. Last month: 1, Months on list: 2
3 CRUCIAL CONVERSATIONS Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, Al Switzler (McGraw-Hill — $16.95) How to handle those all-important talks. Last month: 7, Months on list: 13
4 QUANTUM SUCCESS Sandra Anne Taylor (Hay House — $14.95) The “science of success,” as described by a psychologist and consultant. Last month: –, Months on list: 1
5 A GUIDE TO THE PROJECT MANAGEMENT BODY OF KNOWLEDGE Project Management Institute (PMI Publications — $49.95) Delivering results. Last month: 8, Months on list: 13
6 WHAT COLOR IS YOUR PARACHUTE? 2007 Richard Nelson Bolles (Ten Speed Press — $17.95) The enduring job-search bible. Last month: 4, Months on list: 7
7 LEADERSHIP AND SELF-DECEPTION The Arbinger Institute (Berrett-Koehler — $14.95) A leader’s motivation is what matters, says this business fable. Last month: –, Months on list: 9
8 J.K. LASSER’S YOUR INCOME TAX 2007 The J.K. Lasser Institute (Wiley — $17.95) Time to start sorting receipts. Last month: 3, Months on list: 3
9 THINK AND GROW RICH Napoleon Hill (Ballantine — $7.99) Willpower and a positive attitude are the essential elements of success. Last month: 12, Months on list: 22
10 FLIP Rick Villani, Clay Davis (McGraw-Hill — $21.95) Finding, remodeling, and selling properties. Last month: –, Months on list: 1
11 THE GOAL Eliyahu M. Goldratt, Jeff Cox (North River Press — $24.95) A “business novel” on overcoming bottlenecks. Last month: –, Months on list: 5
12 THE ERNST & YOUNG TAX GUIDE 2007 Ernst & Young LLP (CDS Books — $16.95) Sharpen those pencils and get out the W-2s. Last month: 5, Months on list: 3
13 THE ESSAYS OF WARREN BUFFETT Warren E. Buffett, Lawrence A. Cunningham (Cunningham Group — $25) A selection of epistles to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders. Last month: 9, Months on list: 4
14 THE INTELLIGENT INVESTOR, REVISED EDITION Benjamin Graham, with Jason Zweig (HarperBusiness — $19.95) The classic treatise on “value investing.” Last month: –, Months on list: 21
15 A WHOLE NEW MIND Daniel H. Pink (Riverhead — $15) The future belongs to “right-brain thinkers.” Last month: –, Months on list: 1

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